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  • Chateau d'Ori 

    November 9, 2010, 20:22

    Chateau d'Ori is a wine business established by Ranjit Dhuru, an entrepreneur who made his money as founder of a successful technology company.  Inspired…

  • Deccan Plateau Winery 

    November 9, 2010, 20:23

    Deccan Plateau Wineries is the brainchild of Nitin Shinde, who has studied wine making in Australia and the USA.  He acquired 20 acres of farmland outside…

  • Four Seasons 

    November 9, 2010, 20:24

    Four Seasons Wines is the wine-making arm of the UB Group, who also import wines from around the world into India under the United Vintners Ltd banner. …

  • York Winery 

    November 9, 2010, 20:25

    The York winery is essentially a family-run enterprise with Ravi Gurani, his father (Lilo Gurani), brother (Kailash Gurani), and brother-in-law (Ravi Shamdasani…

  • Vinsura Wines 

    November 17, 2010, 14:53

    Sadashiv Nathe, Pralhad Khadangale and Kishor Holkar were three farmers who initially sold table grapes.  They later decided to try their hand at…

  • Chateau Indage 

    November 16, 2010, 16:29

    Sham Chougule and his Indage companies are important for having been central to developing the current era of wine production in India.  The first Indage…

  • Vallee de Vin 

    November 16, 2010, 19:08

    Vallee de Vin was established in 2006 by Ravi Jain, Deepak Roy and Neeraj Deorah - three individuals with heavyweight experience in the beer, wine and spirits…

  • Mercury Winery 

    November 16, 2010, 19:16

    Mercury is another winery set up by a business graduate with a professed interest in wine. The owner, Viral Pancholia, has an MBA from UK and a marketing and…

  • Wine Regions 

    December 2, 2010, 09:56

    There are six main wine regions in India of which only four are actively producing wine at the present time.  From north to south these are: Kashmir…

    • Nandi Hills 

      November 9, 2010, 20:01

      Just 45 km north of Bangalore, lies the Nandi Hills, which in the 18th century hosted the summer palace of Tipu Sultan and during the 19th century became a…

      • Nandi Hills Climate 

        March 1, 2011, 12:19

        Temperature The nearest reliable meteorological station to the Nandi Hills appears to be Banglaore.  Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures are…

      • Nandi Hills Producers 

        March 1, 2011, 12:25

        Wineries in the Nandi Hills Wine Region Introduction Climate Viticulture

      • Nandi Hills Viticulture 

        March 1, 2011, 12:31

        The temperature of the Nandi Hills wine region is warm enough for grape vines to be able to grow all year round, and farmers have previously experimented with…

    • Himachal 

      November 10, 2010, 14:20

      No description found for this item.

    • Kashmir Valley 

      December 7, 2010, 14:45

      The Kashmir valley is an intermontane basin situated in the western Himalayas.  It trends northwest to southeast with a length of 150km and a width of…

      • Kashmir Valley Climate 

        December 8, 2010, 20:16

        Temperature Average daily temperatures recorded at Srinagar over the period 1951 - 1980 are shown in the Figure left.  The hottest months are June, July…

      • Kashmir Valley Producers 

        January 8, 2011, 10:34

        Although the Kashmir Valley has a distinguished history of wine production, no wine has been produced there since the early part of the 20th century. Int…

    • Goa 

      December 8, 2010, 12:19

      Located west of the Deccan Plateau, Goa is a predominantly low-altitude coastal state, though towards the east it climbs in the western Ghats to a maximum…

      • Goa Climate 

        December 15, 2010, 09:29

        Temperature There is little overall variation in maximum daily temperatures throughout the year.   There is a slight cooling during June to August caused…

      • Goa Producers 

        January 10, 2011, 14:01

        Wineries in the Goa Wine Region Introduction Climate Grapes

    • Champhai 

      December 8, 2010, 16:16

      The Champhai wine region is located in Mizoram, the most southerly of the Seven Sister States of eastern India.  The state occupies a mountainous region…

      • Champhai Climate 

        December 15, 2010, 12:53

        Temperature Monthly temperature data for Aizwal in 2007 is shown on the Figure left.  This meteorological station is 40km west of the main vineyards,…

      • Champhai Grapes 

        December 15, 2010, 14:48

        Due to the climatic characteristics of the region, especially the large amount of rainfall and humid conditions, Vitis vinifera varieties are not suitable for…

      • Champhai Producers 

        December 16, 2010, 18:59

        The Champhai and Hnahlan Grape Winery Ltd was established in 2007 and is the only winery in the region.  They have a production unit in Champhai and another…

    • Deccan Plateau 

      December 15, 2010, 17:25

      This is the powerhouse for the current production of Indian wines, and can be conveniently divided into three sub-regions. The northern part is centred on…

      • Deccan Plateau Climate 

        December 15, 2010, 17:43

        Temperature The average daily temperatures at Nashik is shown in the Figure left.  Maximum temperatures average 28 degrees C in January and build…

      • Deccan Plateau Producers 

        January 13, 2011, 19:40

        Wineries in the Northern Deccan Plateau Wineries in the Central Deccan Plateau Wineries in the Southern Deccan Plateau Introduction Climate G…

    • Kaveri Valley 

      September 3, 2012, 08:54

      The Kaveri River and its tributaries have carved a broadly east-west path across the southern Deccan Plateau.  The water-system subsequently heads east…

  • Home 

    November 18, 2010, 11:55

  • Blog 

    November 18, 2010, 12:10

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  • News 

    November 18, 2010, 16:14

    12 June 2013: SDU Press Release June 2013 5 Dec 2011: A case study of Sula Vineyards  more>> 3 Dec 2011:  Himachal cancels agreement with…

  • Contact 

    November 22, 2010, 16:10

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  • Suppliers 

    December 2, 2010, 10:19

    At the present time the majority of Indian wine is consumed in the country and only a relatively small amount is exported.  Consequently you are unlikely to…

    • In the U/K 

      November 19, 2010, 11:30

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    • In the US 

      February 16, 2011, 15:05

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  • Resources 

    December 2, 2010, 10:36

    In this section you will find links to additional resources about Indian wines.  These are broadly divided into print media such as books and magazines, and…

    • Print Media 

      December 2, 2010, 10:39

      Books Aakash Singh Rathore (2006) The Complete Indian Wine Guide.  Roli Books Pvt Ltd, 176p Singh, Magandeep (2005)  Wine Wisdom: Buying and Drinking…

    • Online Media 

      December 2, 2010, 10:45

      The Indian Wine Academy is an authorative starting point about the Indian wine scene in general and it publishes a handy e-newsletter known as delwine Indian…

  • India Basics 

    December 2, 2010, 11:05

    Many wine-lovers throughout the world are blissfully unaware that India is currently producing more quality wine than ever before.  Indeed some may not even…

    • India's Wine Heritage 

      November 16, 2010, 14:08

      Although historical research has suggested that vines were introduced to India from Persia as early as 2500 BP, details are scant.

    • Visit the Wineries 

      November 16, 2010, 14:10

      The following wineries welcome visitors to view their facilities and taste their wines on site - which is where all wines taste their best.  Do bear in…

    • Wine Quiz 

      November 22, 2010, 17:19

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  • Grape Varieties 

    December 14, 2010, 14:08

    No description found for this item.

  • Deccan Plateau Producers 

    February 15, 2011, 19:32

    Wineries in the Northern Deccan Plateau Wineries in the Central Deccan Plateau Wineries in the Southern Deccan Plateau

    • Good Earth 

      November 9, 2010, 20:24

      Yet another entrepreneur looking to invest funds into the Indian wine industry, Girish Mhatre has established Good Earth as a "virtual" winery.  By this he…

    • Mountain View Wines 

      November 16, 2010, 18:32

      Mountain View Wines is a family owned boutique winery which began with a 25 acre vineyard which they established in Nashik in 1996.  This was planted with…

    • Vintage Wines 

      November 17, 2010, 15:35

      Suresh and Yatin Patil are from a family of long-established table grape growers in Nashik. When the Maharashtra Grape Processing Policy was announced in 2001…

    • Indus Wines 

      November 17, 2010, 18:22

      Established in 2005, Indus Wines (which is owned by Terroir India Wineries) is based near Mumbri to the south of Nasik.  Having selected and bought the land…

    • Riona 

      November 17, 2010, 20:05

      Riona is a joint venture established between two Italian winemakers (Terre Cortesi Moncaro and Cantina Enzo Mecella) and the entrepreneur K T Mane.  They have…

    • Soul Tree 

      January 7, 2011, 11:46

      Soul Tree was founded in 2009 by Melvin D'Souza and Alok Mathur, who met while they were studying for MBAs at Oxford.  As such we should expect a sound…

  • Goa Producers 

    February 16, 2011, 20:42

    Wineries in the Northern Deccan Plateau

    • Tonia Liquor Industries 

      February 16, 2011, 20:47

      Owned by the Sequeira family, Tonia Liquor Industries sells mainly fortified wine under a number of different brand names.  The base wine is produced from the…

    • Vinicola 

      February 16, 2011, 21:17

      Founded in 1972 by Ivo da Costa Azaredo, Vinicola produces a range of table and fortified wines. The source of their grapes, must or base wine is unclear. …

    • Big Banyan Wines 

      December 13, 2011, 15:24

      Some 25 km southwest of Bangalore is the town of Ramnagaram, where Big Banyan Wines has established a 10ha vineyard.  Somewhat surprisingly, they have…

  • Sula Vineyards 

    February 22, 2011, 19:41

    Of all the winemakers in India who have entered this industry as a second career (and they make up a significant and growing number) arguably none has had more…

    • Sula Location 

      February 23, 2011, 15:44

      Winery & Tasting Room Gat 36/2, Govardhan Village Off Gangapur - Savargaon Road Nashik 422 222, Maharashtra Tel: 253 223 1663 Introduction Es…

    • Sula Wines 

      February 23, 2011, 15:54

      White Wines Red Wines Rose Wines Sparkling Wines Sweet Wines Introduction Estate Location

    • Sula Winery Location 

      July 2, 2013, 16:15

      View Larger Map

  • Grover Zampa Vineyards 

    March 8, 2011, 16:27

    Consolidation of the Indian wine industry took an important step in 2012 with the merger of Karnataka-based Grover Vineyards with Vallée de Vin of Maharashtra…

  • Nandi Hills Producers 

    March 8, 2011, 16:28

    Wineries in the Nandi Hills Wine Region Introduction Climate Viticulture

  • Indian Ambience Vineyards 

    December 13, 2011, 14:37

    Located near Bidar in northern Karnataka, Indian Ambience Vineyards (IAV) was established in 2007 by vineyard owners Shalini Sanjeev Wadikar and Baburao…

  • Vallonné Vineyards 

    December 9, 2011, 09:40

    Modern Indian winemaking may still be in its infancy, but Shailendra Pai can already consider himself to be something of an industry veteran.  Having…

  • Krishna Valley Vineyards 

    July 4, 2013, 18:15

    For thirty years Krishna Valley Vineyards was growing table grapes in northern Karnataka.  The vines covered 25 ha at a site 40 km southwest of Bijapur.…

  • Alpine Wineries 

    January 7, 2013, 14:55

    Alpine Wineries is located near Mysore in the Kaveri Valley region of Karnataka.  It was established in 2007 by Raghavendra Gowda, using the consulatancy…

  • KRSMA Estates 

    May 22, 2013, 08:49

    KRSMA Estates was established in 2008 by the enterprising husband and wife team, Krishna Prasad and Uma Chigurupati.   They had previously established…

    • KRSMA Location 

      July 3, 2013, 14:48

      View KRSMA Estates in a larger map

  • KRSMA Tasting Notes 

    May 23, 2013, 08:51

    KRSMA Chardonnay 2013 Pale lemon; faint citrus and floral aromatics; dry, med acidity and alcohol, med+ body weight, peach, apricot, grapefruit and herbal…

  • Wine Scoring Scheme 

    May 30, 2013, 13:13

    The basis of scoring wines at is based on the following relationship:

  • Sula Tasting Notes 

    June 26, 2013, 13:44

    Sula Vineyards, Sauvignon Blanc, 2011 Pale lemon; highly aromatic, citrus, grassy; dry, sharp acidity, good fruit concentration of lemon, grapefruit,…

  • Grover Vineyards Tasting Notes 

    May 30, 2013, 15:04

    Grover Vineyards, Cabernet Shiraz, 2009 Deep ruby; medium aromatic intensity of cassis, blackberry and pepper with developing aromas of leather; simple fruit…

  • Fratelli Wines 

    June 3, 2013, 13:16

    While some start-up winemaking operations in India have looked to the New World or France for their inspiration, Fratelli Wines has most closely associated…

  • Fratelli Tasting Notes 

    June 3, 2013, 14:35

    Fratelli Chenin Blanc 2011 Pale gold; med aromatic intensity floral and tropical notes; dry, crisp acidity, apple, citrus, peach and herbal palate with med+…

  • Blackbuck Vineyards 

    June 4, 2013, 13:08

    Krishna Reddy is an important figure in the Indian wine story.  The owner of 200 ha of vineyards located at Maidanahalli some 120 km north of Bangalore,…

  • SDU Winery 

    June 4, 2013, 13:36

    Umesh Hingorani is a serial entrepreneur with activities ranging from real estate to bottled water.  Now his family have added bottled sunshine to their…

  • Elite Vintage Winery 

    June 4, 2013, 17:06

    For some time the Mudhol Hound has been the most famous product of Mudhol, a small town in northern Karnataka.  This may be about to change with the…

  • Reveilo Tasting Notes 

    June 26, 2013, 15:14

    Reveilo, Chardonnay, 2012 Pale lemon; low aromatics, citrus, butter; dry, med acidity, med bodied, moderate fruit concentration of lemon, lime, med length.…

  • Vallonné Tasting Notes 

    June 26, 2013, 16:41

    Vallonné Vineyards, Sauvignon Blanc, 2011 Very pale lemon; med aromatics, herbal, grassy; smoke and dark fruit; off dry, med concentration citrus fruit,…

  • Alpine Tasting Notes 

    June 27, 2013, 12:02

    Alpine Wineries Vindiva Reserve Estate, Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Pale lemon; high aromatic intensity of gooseberry, peach, apricot, cut grass; youthful; dry,…

  • Vallée de Vin Tasting Notes 

    June 27, 2013, 12:56

    Zampa, Chenin Blanc, 2010 Pale lemon; med aromatics citrus, wet wool; off dry, med acidity, med concentration lemon, grapefruit, lime, med length. (17 May…

  • Mercury Tasting Notes 

    June 27, 2013, 14:39

    Mercury Aryaa, Chenin Blanc, 2010 Pale lemon; low aromatics, floral, citrus, youthful; off dry, med+ acidity, grapefruit, peach, melon flavours, med+…

  • Château d'Ori Tasting Notes 

    June 27, 2013, 17:42

    Château d'Ori, Chardonnay, 2010 Pale lemon; low aromatics, pear drops, hay; off dry, med acidity, low concentration lemon, grapefruit, melon, med length. …

  • York Tasting Notes 

    June 28, 2013, 09:08

    York, Chenin Blanc, 2009 Pale lemon; med aromatics, citrus, herbal; off dry, med+ acidity, good concentration lemon, lime, melon, honey, med length.  The…

  • Fratelli Winery Location 

    July 2, 2013, 16:33

    View Larger Map

  • Vallee de Vin Winery Location 

    July 2, 2013, 16:49

    View Larger Map

  • York Winery Location 

    July 2, 2013, 17:15

    View Larger Map

  • Heritage Wines 

    July 3, 2013, 11:48

    Heritage Wines was founded in 2004 by Mr PLV Reddy.  The winery is located on a site ca. 60 km southwest of Bangalore, near the town of Channapattana. …

  • Hampi Heritage Wines 

    July 3, 2013, 14:02

    The second oldest winery in Karnataka was founded in 2002 by RC Jigajinagi, a former MP.  The 40 ha site located near Bijapur includes a winery and…

  • Vallonné Location 

    July 3, 2013, 17:15

    View Larger Map

  • Rico Winery 

    July 4, 2013, 16:58

    With a PhD in horticultural science from Texas A&M University, Basavaraj Girennavar ought to be in a good position to assist Karnataka's fledgling wine…

  • Nisarga Wines 

    July 10, 2013, 10:56

    Nisarga Wines is a co-operative effort of a group of grape farmers in northern Karnataka.  Mumba Raddi is the Managing Director and their winery is at…

  • Domaine Chandon India 

    July 15, 2013, 11:39

    The firm of Moët & Chandon, founded in Epernay in 1743, today has an annual champagne production of ca.30 million bottles.  Despite being the world's…

  • Rajdheer Wines 

    July 22, 2013, 16:53

    Dadasaheb Patil is an experienced farmer who has been growing table grapes and pomegranates on a 20 ha site, 120 km north of Nashik, since the 1970s.  In…

  • Renaissance Winery 

    July 25, 2013, 14:09

    Shiva Aher - founder of Renaissance wines - hails from a farming family that has been growing grapes for more than a quarter of a century.  With 60 ha of…

  • ND Wines 

    July 25, 2013, 17:07

    Farmers with experience of growing table grapes, who decided to try their hand at growing wine grapes, has been one of the driving forces behind the new Indian…

  • Nira Valley Grape Wines 

    July 26, 2013, 11:01

    Established in 2006, Nira Valley Grape Wines established a winery using equipment imported from France and Italy.  They initially produced bulk wine for…

  • Flamingo Wines 

    July 26, 2013, 12:12

    The Holkar dynasty is most closely associated with Indore in Madhya Praesh, but some descendents made their way to Lasalgaon in Maharashtra where they…

  • Pernod Ricard India 

    August 19, 2013, 11:18

    Pernod Ricard is the world's second largest drinks company (after Diageo) and in 2013 India represented its fourth largest market.  With local brands such…

  • India Food Company 

    October 14, 2013, 17:33

    The Godavari Wine Park, located at Vinchur some 50 km from Nashik, is now home to a number of wineries including Vinsura Wines, Flamingo Wines, Good Drop Wine…

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