Champhai Grapes

Due to the climatic characteristics of the region, especially the large amount of rainfall and humid conditions, Vitis vinifera varieties are not suitable for the Champhai wine region. Instead the region is entirely given over to varieties of V. labrusca, which is much less appealing from a wine drinkers point of view owing to its foxy or musky flavours which this grape species imparts.

By 2005 some 1000 farmers were producing grapes over a total area of ca. 2,500 acres of northern Champhai and this has since increased to ca. 3,000 acres. Currently farmers are organised into two co-operatives namely the Champhai and Hnahlan Grape Growers Societies. In 2009/10 the former harvested 478.5 quintals of grapes and the latter 6916 quintals.

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