Nandi Hills Viticulture

The temperature of the Nandi Hills wine region is warm enough for grape vines to be able to grow all year round, and farmers have previously experimented with taking two harvests of table grapes in a single year. This may not be desirable for wine grapes and the rainy season from May to September makes this impractical.

Pruning takes place either side of the rainy season in May and early November. Vines are VSP trained with a series of supporting wires. The main growing season lasts from November until harvest which could be as late as April but which in 2009 took place in February. The temperature profile during this growing period is quite different to that which occurs in a vineyard during the growing period in the more traditional and cooler wine growing regions of the world. Whether this contributes to differences in the overall grape quality or in ratios of major grape constituents is unclear.

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