Reveilo Tasting Notes

Reveilo, Chardonnay, 2012

Pale lemon; low aromatics, citrus, butter; dry, med acidity, med bodied, moderate fruit concentration of lemon, lime, med length. (1 May 2013) Good, 77/100

Reveilo, Chenin Blanc, 2011

Pale lemon; low aromatic intensity, floral, lemon; off dry, refreshing med+ acidity, simple apple and lemon with clean med length. (1 May 2013) Recommended, 80/100

Reveilo, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012

Deep ruby; highly aromatic smoke and dark fruit, developing; dry, med concentration blackcurrant and blackberry with capsicum, mocha, leather, med+ ripe tannins and med+ finish. Slight bitterness on the finish may mellow on this wine which will likely improve over the next 2-3 years and continue to drink well until at least 2020. (1 May 2013) Recommended, 83/100

Reveilo, Nero d’Avola, 2012

Deep ruby; med aromatics of red fruit and berries; dry, jammy red fruits, low concentration, low tannins, unstructured, short herbal finish. (1 May 2013) Good, 79/100

Reveilo, Sangiovese, 2012

Med ruby; med aromatics, cherry, herbs; dry, med acidity, med concentration plums and cherries, herbal, vegetal, low tannins, med length.  (1 May 2013)  Recommended, 83/100

Reveilo, Syrah, 2012

Deep ruby; med aromatics, smoky, dark fruits; dry, med concentration dried fruits, leather, vegetal, pepper, med+ tannins, med herbal finish.  (1 May 2013) Good, 76/100

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