Indian Ambience Vineyards

Located near Bidar in northern Karnataka, Indian Ambience Vineyards (IAV) was established in 2007 by vineyard owners Shalini Sanjeev Wadikar and Baburao Sundappa Wadikar. These two owned land in both Karnataka and Maharashtra which for two years was being used to supply grapes to Sula Vineyards.  Seeing Sula’s success, and following the enactment of Karnataka’s wine policy, they decided to set up their own winery.  IAV released their first wines in October 2010 under the brand name Yanna.

The vineyards are unusual for India in that they are farmed organically, though there is currently no formal certification process.

In December 2011 it was announced that IAV had sold a 10% stake in the company to Srini Chakwal for an undisclosed sum.

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