KRSMA Estates

KRSMA Estates was established in 2008 by the enterprising husband and wife team, Krishna Prasad and Uma Chigurupati.   They had previously established Triton Laboratories, which would later become Granules India, an important pharmaceuticals company.  Their knowledge and expertise in microbiology, manufacturing and management, together with their passion for fine wine, have been combined to form this exciting new venture on the Indian wine scene.

Their vineyards, which cover ca. 16 ha, are located in Karnataka’s Hampi Hills some 70 km from the spectacular World Heritage Site.  Initial planting were of Cabernet Sauvignon which yielded their first vintage in 2010. Subsequent plantings were made of Sauvignon Blanc and more recently of Chardonnay.  With free-draining soils and low rainfall, vines require irrigation to make up the water deficit.  Australian expertise in the form of consultant Peter Hayes ought to ensure that this is carefully controlled, which together with vine management will be critical for producing quality fruit.  Early indications are that they are succeeding.

KRSMA’s Sauvignon Blanc wine exhibits a strong Kiwi influence, so it is no surprise to find that the winery is run by a New Zealander.  Oak barrels from Tonnellerie Quintessence in Bordeaux are just a part of the expensive winemaking kit which has been lavished on this operation.  The stated aim is for KRSMA to become the pre-eminent wine producer in India.  To achieve this will require not only deep pockets, but an attention to detail and commitment to excellence at all stages of the operation, together with substantive marketing efforts outside as well as inside India.  This is an exciting venture and part of a small coterie of wineries which are determined to raise the standard and profile of Indian wines.  Tastings of their early vintages show great promise.  Time will tell whether they can consistently produce high quality wines with regional character and international recognition.

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