Deccan Plateau Climate


The average daily temperatures at Nashik is shown in the Figure left. Maximum temperatures average 28 degrees C in January and build rapidly to 37 degrees C by May. They then drop rapidly with the arrival of the monsoon but continue to average ca. 28 degrees C for the remainder of the year. Daily minimum temperatures are unaffected by the arrival of the monsoon and continue to rise until they peak in June. Minimum daily temperatures never average below 10 degrees C, so there is no dormant season and two harvests a year are possible, if not necessarily desirable.


Monthly rainfall data is shown on the Figure right. The yearly rainfall typically totals ca. 700mm, but most of this rain falls in the summer months with the arrival of the monsoon. The western Ghats serve to shelter the Deccan Plateau from excessive rain (cf Goa Region). Following pruning in November, drip irrigation is common until harvesting which usually takes place in late January to March.

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